Corporate Training Solution by TÜV Rheinland

Corporate Training Solution

The future of learning made easy for you

Organizing and conducting trainings in classic classroom-based events is increasingly confronting companies with organizational and financial challenges. On the one hand, staff should be trained in a practice-oriented and workplace-related manner, but on the other hand, it should also be ensured that all employees can participate in the training. In everyday working life, this often cannot be guaranteed across the board.

Our mission revolves around supporting the success of your team within the workplace. We offer high quality technical training via a digital platform to enhance the skills and knowledge of you employees ensuring smooth productivity. By fostering a culture of excellence and sustainability within your organization, we strive to enable growth and help your business thrive.

Enabling the possibilities of the future

Whether you are looking to enhance your employees’ skills and knowledge or stay up-to-date with the fast changing industry, our platform embraces inclusivity and addresses a wide range of subjects to meet the needs of your organization.

On our platform you will find mandatory topics such as Occupational Health & Safety and Fire Safety & Protection. In addition relevant trainings for thriving topics such as Information Security & Data Privacy, Electricity & Mobility, Environmental & Energy Management, Sustainability and more are also offered on the Corporate Training Solution platform from TÜV Rheinland.

Your benefits at a glance:

Benefits of our Corporate Training SolutionBenefits of our Corporate Training Solution
  • Maximum impact through multi-faceted training techniques that include various training methods
  • Up to date content from our subject matter experts including the latest industry trends
  • Smooth integration with leading productivity tools for a consistent learning journey
  • Regular evaluation to assess and deepen employee understanding
  • Clearly structured reportings that allow real-time performance metrics and KPI tracking
  • Analysis of the ROI in order to measure the effect of your trainings investments
  • Foster motivation of teamwork and knowledge sharing
  • Implementation of customized content to create a learning platform tailored to your organizations’ needs

Save time, money and nerves!

Minimize your organizational effort with our platform. The platform takes over tasks that can easily be automated, such as reminding individual employees of training deadlines before they are about to end. It can also show you the current training progress in clear reportings at any time.

Content checked by TÜV Rheinland experts

  • TÜV Rheinland experts regularly check that the modules are up to date
  • Updates are automatically provided in the system
  • New modules added during the contract term are automatically activated
  • The individual assignment of training modules enables effective risk minimization

Full transparency of costs

Choose the right plan for your business. All training topics are included and there are no hidden costs. Select as many trainings as needed for your organization - without any additional costs!

Corporate Training Solution Platform of TÜV RheinlandCorporate Training Solution Platform of TÜV Rheinland