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What does a PersCert TÜV certification offer you?

In global business, personnel certifications make competences transparent and internationally comparable. They enable consistent standards in rapid technical progress, and ensure sustainable skill development and constant quality. Find out more about our working methods and quality criteria.


TÜV Rheinland stands for quality, safety and impartiality with 20,000 employees in 65 countries. Its globally recognized testing service provider PersCert TÜV offers you cross-industry expertise.


PersCert TÜV documents existing certification programs in personnel certification on Certipedia, TÜV Rheinland’s certificate database. Maximum traceability and transparency is guaranteed, with clearly published exam contents, IDs for each certification program, as well as QR codes.

PersCert TÜV benefitsPersCert TÜV benefits


By standardizing our PersCert TÜV certification programs, we are able to carry out certification procedures worldwide to provide comparability without ambiguity. We can provide companies with meaningful support in enforcing uniform skills requirements in an international environment.


By separating training from the exams, PersCert TÜV retains the independence of the certification procedures. Our regular risk assessments ensure that problems are promptly identified and resolved.


Documented procedures ensure that certifications are carried out in a way that enables clear comparisons. The ongoing quality of our PersCert TÜV service hinges on this transparency, and means verified skills can be compared beyond national borders. This applies in particular to certifications that are carried out within the scope of DIN EN ISO 17024.


With limited validity certificates and continuous improvement embedded in our PersCert TÜV certification procedures, personnel certification contributes to the sustainable development of skills. We offer our customers these opportunities and are always there for them as they further their professional career.

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